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December news to sign off 2022

Message from the Chair

If we want a great example of what strong, visible and aligned leadership looks like; how playing as one means we not only win but capture hearts and minds; then the Black Ferns have just given us a powerful example. That’s the image I want to take forward into 2023 as we activate the Farm without Harm sector wide strategy, kicking off with a nationwide campaign.

2023 gives us the opportunity to do this; come together as a sector and play as one - something that was missing in 2022 with so many issues dividing us. Preventing harm and creating a culture of care is something we can all agree on, activate together and pause to remember what lies at the heart and drives what we do in agriculture; people.

We have had a change of people on the governance team recently and it’s exciting to welcome aboard Mark Leslie and Sarah Perriam Lampp, both will be well known to you all. They have deep experience in our sector, its people and a desire to lead better outcomes in HSW. With this, we say a fond farewell to Justine Kidd our founding chair and a driving force of Safer Farms, thank you for your vision to create change. A big thank you as well to Karen Williams who leaves to focus on her career with FMG.

Lindy Nelson

Nailing our value proposition

Since our CEO has come on board, we’ve been taking the time to really understand how we can really be of service and add value to our members and the wider sector. We’ve been talking to our members and wider stakeholders to nail what our unique value proposition is, and we’re confident that we are in the best position to push forward on 3 key areas:

  • Create strength in numbers: With strong leadership and consistent messaging and actions from all sides, can we succeed in keeping our people safe. Safer Farms will help to support strong, aligned leadership around priority issues/critical risk identified by our members. We will do this by facilitating webinars and face-to-face meetings, as well as providing a platform on which to share experiences and stories of what’s worked, what hasn’t and what’s still needed, moving towards a less siloed approach to improving HS&W on farm.

  • Build the foundations for change: To ensure our members are best empowered to keep farming people safe, Safer Farms will lead governance and leadership of the 9 pillars of action highlighted in the sector-wide Farm without Harm strategy. We will also work directly with our members to identify agreed priorities and develop a programme of focused activity. Guided by our members, Safer Farms will be strategic in selecting which pillars to move on and when, to enable a coordinated effort that is most relevant to the sector at any given time.

  • Practice what we preach: We will commit to being the Farm Without Harm strategy steward - to hold the vision for the sector and coordinate effort in line with the strategy. We will also lead activity in two of the nine pillars: winning the hearts and minds of farmers, and building strong, visible, and aligned leadership. The focus for 2023 will see the launch of a never seen before national campaign that will reach from farm to supply chain, to corporate farms and boardrooms, starting to create that ‘one voice’ around HS&W across the sector (for more info – read on!).

Safer Farms continues to build trust and strengthen its relationships with government agencies to secure long-term support for, commitment to, and investment in the strategy, and to influence the reduction of top-down ‘noise’ created across the sector by duplicate, overlapping initiatives coming from multiple sources. For a more cohesive, outcome-driven approach, we will put the farmer and their environment at the heart of the solutions.

Preparing to 'Take a Pause'!

A campaign raising awareness and understanding of preventable harm and calling for farmers supported by the wider industry to 'Take a Pause' will be present through the Autumn and Winter of 2023. A strong storytelling element will lead the messaging with a call to action asking for a pause of 15 minutes on Friday, 23 June 2023. On this day, three questions will check perceptions of health, safety, and, wellbeing then lead into recall and reflection of close calls on the farm before looking forward to what needs to be done to prevent serious injury on the farm. This conversation might not stop an accident from occurring however it may reduce the severity, frequency and impact to farmers. Thanks to those who have agreed to take part in the industry discussion group in the new year to hone the three questions, we welcome additional participation if you would like to join in, please let us know soon. A farmers discussion group will also be activated. We're asking for your contribution toward this campaign's success by sharing within your organisation to make a plan and promote as well as take part with your clients and shareholders on Friday, 23 June 2023. We'll be in contact soon asking who the best person or people within your team are to connect with in bringing this to life. This is an opportunity for the entire industry to stand together to show we care and if we care enough, we can make a difference.

Safer Farms Out & About

Our CEO loves getting the opportunity to get out there, meet and listen to people across the sector, and talk about what Safer Farms are doing. Lyndsey has been out and about at the NZ Agricultural Show, the CROPS Annual Expo and was delighted to be a panellist at a recent Women in Agribusiness event! Hosting an event that we should attend? Let us know!

Welcome to our new members!

Welcome and thank you to Ātihau-Whanganui Inc. and Landpro Ltd for joining the Safer Farms whānau by becoming members this month! We cannot do this without support and investment from our members so thank you for joining our movement of change.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our members for your contributions and support over this past year, and to those individuals who have taken the time to meet with us and share your thoughts on how Safer Farms can best make a difference and add real value. Moving into 2023, your continued support will enable us to gear up, prioritise and change the way we have worked in the past – ensuring we provide support to you, and are in service of the sector we are all committed to. Have a wonderful Christmas, continue to keep yourselves and each other safe, and we look forward to working alongside you all in 2023!

Copyright © 2022 Safer Farms, All rights reserved. If you have any questions about Safer Farms, or the Farm Without Harm strategy - or would like to support our mahi - please get in touch.

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