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Welcome to
Safer Farms

An organisation dedicated to leading & inspiring a safer farm culture throughout New Zealand to ultimately prevent injury and fatality on farm.

What do we do?

Safer Farms are the Kaitiaki (steward) of the sector-wide Farm Without Harm (FWH) strategy and our role is to lead and inspire the agricultural sector to make farms safer places to work and live. We are in service to the sector to reduce preventable injury and deaths across all corners of rural New Zealand, shifting the dial on those stubbornly high harm statistics.


We work alongside our members, partners and stakeholders to amplify and support the work already being undertaken, ensure visibility and shared learnings across the sector, and facilitate strong, aligned leadership to drive a culture of care on farm.



Farmers have lost their lives over the last five years while working on the farm. 


Injuries to farmers' backs, fingers, shoulders, and knees have been registered in the last five years.


Soft tissue injuries have been registered since 2020.


Claims for harm on farm have been registered collectively across the agricultural sector since July 2016.

Our guiding principles

  • We are courageous and don’t shy away from confronting the difficult issues.

  • We take accountability for enabling the sector to make progress against the FWH strategy.

  • We collaborate and cooperate rather than compete, finding and leveraging the strengths of others.

  • We are outcome focused, not output focused, and look to make real impact that’s measurable.

Farm Without Harm

Taking the lead ourselves and delivering initiatives aimed at winning the hearts and minds of our agricultural community and aligning and strengthening our leadership across the sector to provide a strong foundation for the FWH strategy and this movement of change.

Sign the pledge and play your part in reducing the human toll in producing food and fibre in New Zealand.

Learn more about our

 Farm Without Harm campaign and how to get involved.

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