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Manage Your Risks

Do a risk assessment to identify what the critical risks are on your farm.  Here you will find some practical tools to help you manage some of the more common risks on New Zealand farms.  We'll be adding more risks and helpful resources over time.

  1. Vehicles & Machinery

  2. First Aid on Farms 

  3. Hazardous Substances

  4. Children & Visitors on Farm

  5. Working Alone

Vehicles & Machinery

Vehicle accidents are the most common serious injuries in agriculture, occurring on average, once a week. It could happen to you.  Ask yourself…


What are you doing to keep you and the people on your farm safe from the hazards of vehicles?


To get started, use this simple guide that has been prepared and endorsed by the sector:  "Use the Right Vehicles" 

Below are some Quad bike operations courses that will help you solidify your skills on operating a quad bike correctly and safely:

These checklists and templates may provide additional useful assistance:

Crush protection can provide a way to minimise injuries when an unexpected rollover occurs in a quad bike. Don't wait until it's too late

First Aid on Farms 

Would you know what to do in an emergency? 

Below are links to practical first aid training courses tailored to farm risks and environmental settings:

Children & Visitors on Farm

Safety videos to watch with the kids

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