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Safety Alert: Learnings from a digger contractor roll-over

Diggers are working at maximum capacity at the moment. With the weather conditions we’ve been experiencing across the country this year, an unfortunate incident in the East Coast is a timely reminder to step back and think about the calls we make when contractors come on farm. A contractor operating his digger on an East Coast farm recently got trapped inside after it slid down a bank. He was seriously injured in the process.

This handy Safety Alert was created by a member and it's a valuable resource all of us could use to learn from and initiate a conversation with our teams. Download the PDF below, print it off and put it in your smoko room. Use it to have a discussion around the risks and protocols for managing contractors on your farm, and specifically the lessons learned from this incident.

All Farm Safety Alert - Contractor Digger Incident
Download PDF • 1.10MB

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